Quilts for Kids!

I’m so excited that I’ve finished my first quilt today! I’ve always wanted to make one, I’ve just never been able to decide on a pattern or color scheme. Not for lack of ideas though – rather the opposite – there’s so many ideas that I want to make, I can’t make up my mind on where to start! Or where to find the time to start! This quilt gave me the answer to these 😀

I came upon this super awesome non-profit on Pinterest that donates quilts to children with life threatening illness and children of abuse. Quilts for Kids has partnered with both Children’s Miracle Network and Downy in addition to many other celebrities and companies to carry out their mission. Get this though – they will send you a kit to make a quilt!!! All you have to do is send them a money order for $6 (to cover the cost of shipping the supplies) and they will send you a kit with all of the fabric you need, already cut, and the instructions on how to construct it. It makes it so easy to sew a quilt, all you have to do is follow the directions and put it together. The one thing you have to provide yourself is the batting for the inside but that isn’t super expensive and you can always use one of those 40% off reg price coupons at JoAnn’s if its not already on sale.

Here is the result of the quilt I put together and just finished today. Its not perfect – it really is the first quilt I’ve ever made – but I’m happy with it and happy that I can send it off and a child in need of comfort will get it.


Quilt 2

Quilt 3

So busy!

Wow, can’t believe its almost been two weeks since I last posted on here! I have been super busy lately between work and sewing for Etsy – oh, and going back to CrossFit! I haven’t done much else than sewing the wrist wraps and coming up with new colors/ideas for those. I’ve done a little cross stitch that isn’t done yet (rest assured I’ll post it on here as soon as I’m done!) and a little crochet when I get tired of sewing. I realized just how out of shape I became in my two months out of CrossFit with these last few workouts – each one has left me sore but excited to get back in to it. And people are buying wraps at the gym and have given me some ideas for new ones! These are a couple of my attempts at customizing solid ones:

Rainbow4 Black and Blue Black and Blue2 Black and Shiny Black and Zebra Marvel1 Rainbow Rainbow2 Rainbow3 StarWars

New Wrist Wrap color!

Finally got around to making more of the wrist wraps I made awhile back and was the first thing I sold on Etsy! Batman this time and they came out good! Getting a little faster making them too so that’s good. There will be one pair on Etsy for now till I figure out how many I need locally…I might be able to have them at our local box Crossfit Duval!

Batman Wraps

Batman Wraps2

Batman Wraps3

Crochet Shrug

Red Shrug

So this project has been sitting on the back burner for a LONG time. I originally started out trying to make the Short N’ Sweet Shrug from Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet but messed up somewhere and never came back to it. I’m sure I could have easily fixed and finished the shrug now that I’m a little more versed in crochet, but I have lost the pattern I had and didn’t want to go out and buy the book again right now. I probably will in the near future though, it has some really cute patterns. But, needless to say, I had many free pattern shrugs that I have wanted to make on Ravelry just sitting there…and this lovely red yarn just sitting waiting to be used for a shrug…so I went with another! It came out pretty cute too, I will definitely actually wear this ;-). You can find the pattern for this shrug here. One word of advise – use the chart that is on the Ravelry page in addition to the written instructions. The written ones confused the heck out me and I was lost on row two until I read someone else’s comment to use the chart. Believe me! Also, mine ran a little big. And I didn’t make it the full 40″ long it called for either because I didn’t want sleeves any longer than this (I only made mine 34″ long).

Red Shrug2

T-Shirt Yarn Basket

Finally finished this scrap yarn basket today! Came out cute 😀 Anthony had a bunch of old solid t-shirts that no longer fit/he didn’t wear so I took them and cut them up into t-shirt yarn using this awesome tutorial! I meant it to be a little scrappy…the t-shirts weren’t seamless so the seams show and I didn’t have near enough to do a solid color. But I like it! And it holds a surprising amount of yarn too. I mostly followed this pattern for the basket but kind of made it up as I went as well. Yarn Basket2

Yarn Basket3 Yarn Basket

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